the case

Petit Peony is an online children’s clothing store based out of the northeast. Petit Peony needed help refining content and design on their website. They wanted a more experiential feel, similar to the design of an infographic, leading a customer through the Petit Peony story and experience.

the strategy/the approach

Using materials previously created by an agency, my main goal was to transform those design assets into the Petit Peony story. I also spent some time speaking with the client and better understanding where they wanted the company to head as a brand, and researching brands they enjoyed like Lululemon and Vineyard Vines. Having this understanding, I was able to cull a design approach that elevated content and created a cohesive look and feel to their site.

the output

I redesigned seven web pages to elevate their brand and content. These pages ranged from the story behind the clothing line to customer testimonials. Combining their brand assets with graphics I designed, created a unified and unique website experience.

the services

  • Brand Design
  • Website Visual Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Icon Design

from the client

We seriously feel like we’ve hit the jackpot in finding you.
— Ashley Wayman, Petit Peony