the case

Withings is an international connected health company. The US Marketing team needed creative assistance, so I assist their graphic creation for their social media channels, events and swag. 

the strategy/the approach

Having a defined brand and design team in France, my main objective was to support the US Marketing team with an array of graphic support and be an extension of the Withings brand. I often support new product launches, holiday sales and content marketing. In addition to delivering what is asked of me, I look for ways to distill information that is presented in their blog format, into more digestible graphics.

Body Cardio Product Launch, using new technology that measures Pulse Wave Velocity

the output

I've designed graphics for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I've designed a t-shirt line to share with brand ambassadors. I've helped distill complex data into simple visuals for content marketing.

the services

  • Social Media Graphic Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Icon Design

Holiday Retail Sales for Withings Partners: Best Buy,, AT&T, Target

2016 Fitness Data

Follow Your Heart, Heart Health Campaign

T-shirts for Brand Ambassadors, Series says "with sweat," "with heart," "with tech"